Engine Replacements

After years on the road, it may be that your car needs engine repairs or even a full engine replacement.

If you’re considering an engine replacement in Gorebridge, look no further than Williamson Bros. We provide quality engine replacements and repairs at competitive prices.

Why does my car need a new engine?

There are a few reasons why a car may need a replacement engine:

  • Engine failure – this is the most common reason and can be caused by several issues such as overheating or component malfunction. A typical cause of catastrophic engine failure is wet belt failure and Williamson Bros is one of the very few garages around Gorebridge that work on wet belts, so give us a call if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Wear and tear – with high mileage vehicles, eventually engine components can simply wear out and replacing the engine can improve your vehicle’s performance and add years to its lifespan.
  • Engine damage – an engine that has been damaged in an accident or by flooding may be unusable and need replacement.
  • Costs – in some cases, it works out cheaper to replace the entire engine than repairing a badly damaged or worn-out one.

There’s no doubt that it can be costly to replace an entire engine so we will always investigate repairing before replacing. If it turns out that a replacement is required, as an alternative to replacing your old engine with a brand new one, there is also the option of using a refurbished engine which can be a lot easier on the wallet! Whatever the solution, you can be certain that we will only use quality, reliable parts which will stand the test of time.

Give our friendly team at Williamson Bros a call today for more information.



As a Servicesure Autocentre, Williamson Bros are committed to maintaining very high standards of work, customer service and business practices, providing our customers with quality work at competitive prices.

To find out more about Engine Replacements in Gorebridge, contact us online or call us directly on 0800 999 1740

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