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Wet Timing Belts from £595.95 and Timing Chains from £495.95

Some manufacturers use wet belts, which are similar to cambelts, but operate internally and use engine oil in the same way that chains do.

Wet belts have their name because, unlike cambelts, they are kept wet by oil. In theory, this means that they are less likely to crack and deteriorate like the dry cambelts. However, as many owners of Ford, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Citroen, as well as any other wet belt engine cars, know from the historic premature failure issues, this is not always the case.

At Williamson Bros in Gorebridge we are one of the very few garages in Midlothian that specialise in wet belt repair and maintenance issues. We are independent wet belt experts with the relevant timing tools and equipment and work on Ford Ecoboost, Ford Transit, Citroen D3, Peugeot 208/308, and Vauxhall.

What causes a wet belt or timing belt to fail?

There are two main reasons for wet belt or timing belt failure:

  1. The belt can occasionally snap (just as a cambelt might) – although this can cause serious damage to the engine, it’s not necessarily catastrophic.
  2. The belt can deteriorate over time and fragments can break off and contaminate the surrounding oil. This in turn blocks the oil strainer, which means that other vital components don’t receive the lubrication that they need. This can lead to the oil-starved components failing and potentially, can lead to complete engine failure.

However, with regular maintenance, including oil and filter changes, any issues with wet belts can be caught before they have a chance to cause any damage. If you see an engine warning light come on in the dash, get in touch with our team at Williamson Bros straight away so that we can assess and sort the situation.



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